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Insomnia is a French niche perfume that has been created in accordance with the principles of the so called haute perfumery.

The Perfume insomnia became an overnight phenomenon, and the success of this perfume is due in part to it’s completely unique composition.

About the perfume

Faviol Seferi and Martinez Boutiques created the most enchanting and emotive scent possible. The INSOMNIA fragrance is elegant but distinct, with a classic streak that fades into new and exciting facets. If you’re looking for something truly different, your search is now over. Enjoy the comfort of excellence with the inimitable creation called insomnia.

The Scent

Insomnia is made from a combination of the finest essences on the market and the quality of the ingredients used in Insomnia ensure it’s intense and long-lasting aroma. We pride ourselves on using some of the best-selected raw materials around such as 50-year old sandalwood from India, Cananga odorata and Tahitian vanilla. Our test shows that the aroma of Insomnia lasts even



Insomnia – the scent that you can’t forget and it can’t be hidden. An unusual fragrance, that has left no one indifferent. It will delight you with its first smell and will shock you. Insomnia is unisex, which means that it can be used by both men and women.

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